How can I get the standard Post- and Pre-build Event functionality in MPF based custom project type?

Mar 30, 2010 at 1:21 PM

I have added to target to my custom .targets file which is imported in my custom project file following the instruction in this post at MSDN Forums:

<!-- Support for Pre-Build and Post-Build-->
<Target Name="PreBuildEvent">
<Exec Command="$(PreBuildEvent)" Condition=" '$(PreBuildEvent)' != '' "/>

<Target Name="PostBuildEvent">
<Exec Command="$(PostBuildEvent)" Condition=" '$(PostBuildEvent)' != '' "/>

<!-- Build target -->

<Target Name="Build" DependsOnTargets="$(BuildDependsOn)"></Target>

The Post- and Pre-build Event property page is showed but it is disabled. What have I forgot?

¡Thank you very much!